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Morecare Therapy Bolster for Occupational Therapy (Drum Type)

Morecare Therapy Bolster for Occupational Therapy (Drum Type)

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Model -Drum Deluxe

User Age Group - 2 Years To Adults

Max. Load Capacity - 200 Kgs

The Morecare Therapy Bolster is a specialized drum-type bolster designed to enhance occupational therapy sessions with its durable and supportive construction.

Crafted from solid 100 density hard PU foam, this bolster provides stable and comfortable support during various therapeutic exercises and activities.

Its compact size, measuring 12 inches in diameter and 12 inches in length, makes it versatile for use in different therapeutic settings.

Key Features:

  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand frequent use and provide reliable support over time.

  • Comfortable Design: Offers a stable and cushioned surface for clients during therapy sessions.

  • Versatile Application: Ideal for a wide range of occupational therapy exercises and interventions.

  • Easy to Maintain: Resistant to wear and tear, and easy to clean for hygienic purposes.

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Morecare Therapy Bolster for Occupational Therapy (Drum Type)

Product Applications

Occupational Therapy Integration

Integrates seamlessly into occupational therapy programs designed to enhance motor skills, sensory integration, and overall functional abilities in children with cerebral palsy.

The Morecare Therapy Bolster is particularly beneficial for a variety of conditions and treatments in occupational therapy settings:

  • Postural Support: Provides stable and comfortable support for clients working on posture correction and alignment.
  • Range of Motion Exercises: Facilitates stretching and range of motion exercises to improve flexibility and mobility
  • Balance and Coordination: Enhances balance and coordination exercises by providing a stable surface.
  • Core Strengthening: Supports exercises aimed at strengthening core muscles and improving stability.
  • Rehabilitation: Useful in rehabilitation programs for recovering from injuries or surgeries, aiding in recovery and muscle conditioning.
  • Sensory Integration: Can be integrated into sensory integration therapy to provide tactile and proprioceptive input.

How to Use the Morecare Therapy Bolster

Using the Morecare Therapy Bolster effectively in occupational therapy sessions involves following structured guidelines to ensure safety and maximize therapeutic benefits:

Positioning and Placement:

Place the Therapy Bolster on a stable surface, ensuring it is secure and won't move during use.
Position it according to the therapy goals, such as under the lower back for lumbar support or under the knees for elevation.
Therapeutic Exercises:

Postural Support: Use the bolster to provide support for maintaining proper posture during seated or lying exercises. For example, place it under the knees during seated activities to promote a neutral spine.
Stretching and Range of Motion: Utilize the bolster to assist in gentle stretching exercises. For instance, place it under the calf or thigh to support and elevate the leg during hamstring stretches.
Core Strengthening: Incorporate the bolster into exercises that target core muscles. For example, perform crunches or leg lifts with the bolster supporting the lower back to engage abdominal muscles.
Comfort and Safety:

Ensure the client is comfortable and properly positioned on the bolster to prevent discomfort or strain.
Monitor the client's response and adjust positioning or exercise intensity as needed to maintain safety and effectiveness.
Sensory Integration:

Use the bolster as part of sensory integration activities by incorporating tactile input or pressure. For example, gently press on the bolster to provide proprioceptive feedback during balancing exercises.
Variety of Positions:

Explore different positions and uses for the bolster based on the therapy goals and client's needs. It can be used in supine, prone, seated, or side-lying positions to support various therapeutic activities.
Instruction and Guidance:

Provide clear instructions and demonstrations to the client or caregiver on how to use the bolster effectively.
Educate on the benefits of using the bolster and encourage consistency in incorporating it into therapy routines.
By following these guidelines, therapists can optimize the use of the Morecare Therapy Bolster to enhance therapy outcomes for children with conditions like cerebral palsy, promoting improved posture, mobility, and overall functional abilities.

Improving Strengthening with the Therapy Bolster

Core Strengthening:

Exercise Examples: Use the bolster to support exercises such as crunches, leg lifts, or bridges. Placing the bolster under the lower back or hips can engage core muscles effectively.
Benefits: By providing stable support, the bolster allows children to focus on engaging abdominal, back, and pelvic muscles, which are essential for core strength and stability.
Lower Extremity Strengthening:

Exercise Examples: Position the bolster under the legs or feet during exercises like leg raises or heel slides. This supports the lower extremities and encourages controlled movement.
Benefits: Helps improve strength in leg muscles, including quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles, which are crucial for mobility and functional activities like walking and standing.
Upper Extremity Strengthening:

Exercise Examples: Utilize the bolster for upper body exercises such as modified push-ups or arm lifts. Placing hands or elbows on the bolster provides support and stability.
Benefits: Enhances strength in shoulder, arm, and chest muscles, promoting better upper body control and function for activities like reaching, grasping, and lifting.
Functional Strength Training:

Activity Integration: Incorporate the bolster into functional activities that mimic daily tasks, such as sitting-to-standing transitions or reaching exercises.
Benefits: Improves overall muscular endurance and coordination, translating into enhanced independence and participation in daily activities.
Balance and Stability:

Integration with Balance Exercises: Use the bolster for support during balance exercises like single-leg stands or dynamic movements.
Benefits: Enhances muscle strength in the core, legs, and ankles, contributing to improved balance control and reduced risk of falls.

More Information About Morecare Therapy Bolster for Occupational Therapy (Drum Type)

Product Specifications

  • Type: Drum Type Bolster
  • Dimensions: 12 inches diameter by 12 inches length
  • Material: Solid 100 density hard PU foam
  • Warranty: Five-year warranty
  • Weight - 5 Kgs

Installation Support

  • Pre Installed. Ready To Use


  • Backed by a generous five-year warranty, the Morecare Therapy Bolster ensures peace of mind regarding its quality and longevity, making it a valuable asset in occupational therapy environments.

COD Eligibility

  • COD available on advance payment of 600 for courier charges.

Shipping, Return & Refund Policy

  • Shipping: Shipping Duration: The estimated shipping duration is between 3 to 5 days from the date of order confirmation. Shipping Charges: A shipping charge of INR 600 is applicable. Shipping Address: Please provide an accurate and complete shipping address during the ordering process to ensure smooth delivery of the product.
  • Return Policy: Unfortunately, we do not accept returns for the Four-Wheels Upright Training Walker due to hygiene and safety reasons. We advise reviewing all product details carefully before making a purchase to ensure it meets your requirements
  • Refund Policy: Refunds are not available for this product once it has been purchased and delivered. All sales are final. If there are any issues with the product's quality or functionality, please contact our customer service team for assistance.

How To Place Order

  • WhatsApp: You can contact our customer service team via WhatsApp at the provided number. Our representatives will guide you through the ordering process, provide assistance, and address any queries you may have. You can also inquire about product details and availability through WhatsApp.
  • Online: Visit our official website where you can browse the product catalogue and add the desired walker to your cart. Follow the steps outlined for online ordering, including providing shipping details and making payment. Our website is designed to offer a user-friendly shopping experience, allowing you to easily place your order from the comfort of your home.
  • Phone Call: Alternatively, you can place your order by calling our customer service hotline. Our representatives will assist you in placing the order, confirming product details, and arranging for payment. Feel free to call us if you prefer to speak directly with a representative or if you have any questions regarding the product.

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