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MORECARE Electric Hi-Low Tilt Table for Rehabilitation ( Lilac )

MORECARE Electric Hi-Low Tilt Table for Rehabilitation ( Lilac )

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Model -Lilac

User Age Group - Universal

Max. Load Capacity - 150 Kgs

The Morecare Hi-Low Electric Tilt Table is a state-of-the-art and versatile table specifically designed for rehabilitation purposes. This electrically powered table offers height adjustment and tilting capabilities, making it an essential tool for physiotherapy clinics, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals.

The Hi-Low Electric Tilt Table allows therapists to easily adjust the height and tilt angle to meet the specific needs of each patient. This feature ensures precise positioning and comfort during therapeutic interventions, enhancing the overall rehabilitation experience.

Equipped with a smooth and quiet electric motor, the table's height adjustment and tilting functions can be controlled effortlessly. This user-friendly design allows therapists to focus on delivering effective treatments without any disturbances.

Designed to support a wide range of rehabilitation exercises, the Morecare Hi-Low Electric Tilt Table helps improve patients' mobility, strength, and overall functional abilities. Its sturdy construction ensures stability and safety during tilting movements.

The cushioned surface of the Hi-Low Electric Tilt Table enhances patient comfort and reduces pressure during prolonged use. The adjustable height feature adds versatility, accommodating various patient sizes and facilitating easy transfers.

Morecare Hi-Low Electric Tilt Table is crafted with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliability for long-term use. This innovative table provides an integrated solution for rehabilitation facilities, enhancing the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions.


  • Morecare Hi-Low Electric Tilt Table for Rehabilitation
  • Electrically Powered with Height Adjustment and Tilting Functions
  • Smooth and Quiet Electric Motor for Effortless Control
  • Sturdy Construction for Stability and Safety
  • Cushioned Surface for Enhanced Patient Comfort
  • Adjustable Height for Versatility and Easy Transfers
  • Ideal for Physiotherapy Clinics, Rehabilitation Centers, and Hospitals


1) Size:L1970*W650*H525-860mm

2) Standing angle: 0 °to 84°

3) Foot rest adjustable angle:12 ° to -10°(relative to horizontal direction)

4) Height adjustable: 525mm-860mm

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                                      MORECARE Electric Hi-Low Tilt Table for Rehabilitation ( Lilac )

                                      Product Applications

                                      Height and Tilt Adjustment

                                      With the ability to adjust both height and tilt angle, therapists can customize the table's configuration to suit each patient's unique requirements.

                                      This ensures precise positioning for effective therapeutic interventions.

                                      The Morecare Hi-Low Electric Tilt Table is beneficial for a wide range of customers and patients, particularly those undergoing physical therapy and rehabilitation.

                                      • Physiotherapy Clinics: Physiotherapy clinics can utilize the electric tilt table to facilitate various therapeutic interventions, including exercises to improve range of motion, strength, and balance. The table's adjustable height and tilt angles make it suitable for accommodating patients of different sizes and mobility levels.
                                      • Rehabilitation Centers: Rehabilitation centers often cater to patients recovering from injuries, surgeries, or medical conditions such as stroke or spinal cord injury. The electric tilt table can support rehabilitation efforts by providing a stable platform for exercises aimed at enhancing mobility, function, and independence.
                                      • Hospitals: Hospitals may use the tilt table as part of their rehabilitation programs for patients recovering from surgery, illness, or trauma. It can aid in early mobilization, prevent complications associated with prolonged bed rest, and promote faster recovery and discharge from the hospital.
                                      • Orthopedic Patients: Patients recovering from orthopedic surgeries, such as joint replacements or fractures, can benefit from the tilt table's ability to support weight-bearing exercises and range of motion activities. The adjustable height feature allows therapists to gradually progress weight-bearing as the patient's condition improves.
                                      • Neurological Conditions: Individuals with neurological conditions such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, or multiple sclerosis may experience mobility challenges and muscle weakness. The tilt table can assist in neuromuscular re-education and balance training, helping patients regain functional abilities.
                                      • Geriatric Patients: Elderly patients who require rehabilitation following falls, joint replacements, or other age-related conditions can benefit from the gentle yet effective therapeutic exercises facilitated by the tilt table. Its adjustable features accommodate the needs of older adults with varying levels of mobility and frailty.
                                      • Spinal Cord Injury: Patients with spinal cord injury often undergo intensive rehabilitation to improve strength, coordination, and independence. The tilt table can support activities aimed at enhancing trunk control, sitting balance, and overall functional mobility in individuals with spinal cord injury.

                                      Foot Rest Adjustable Angle:

                                      The footrest can be adjusted to angles ranging from 12° to -10° relative to the horizontal direction, allowing therapists to optimize patient positioning for specific exercises or treatments.

                                      The Morecare Hi-Low Electric Tilt Table is highly beneficial for paralysis patients as it offers a range of applications and exercises that can aid in their rehabilitation and improve their quality of life. Here's how it can be particularly useful for paralysis patients:

                                      Passive Range of Motion Exercises: For patients with paralysis, maintaining joint mobility and preventing contractures (muscle stiffness) is essential. The tilt table can be used to perform passive range of motion exercises, where the therapist moves the patient's limbs through a range of motions. This helps prevent stiffness and maintains joint flexibility.

                                      Weight-Bearing Activities: Paralysis patients often experience muscle atrophy and bone density loss due to lack of movement and weight-bearing.

                                      The tilt table allows for gradual progression of weight-bearing activities, starting with partial weight-bearing and progressing to full weight-bearing as tolerated. This helps maintain bone health and muscle strength.

                                      Standing Practice: The tilt table can be adjusted to allow paralysis patients to assume a standing position safely.

                                      Standing practice is crucial for preventing orthostatic hypotension (a drop in blood pressure when transitioning from sitting to standing), improving circulation, and promoting bone health.

                                      Even short periods of standing can have significant benefits for paralysis patients.

                                      Tilt Table Therapy: Tilting the table to various angles can simulate different positions, such as sitting, reclining, or standing.

                                      This allows therapists to work on trunk control, balance, and postural stability in paralysis patients. Gradual progression from supine (lying flat) to upright positions can help patients adapt to changes in posture and develop core strength.

                                      More Information About MORECARE Electric Hi-Low Tilt Table for Rehabilitation ( Lilac )

                                      Product Specifications

                                      • Length: 1970 mm Width: 650 mm Height: Adjustable from 525 mm to 860 mm
                                      • Standing Angle: 0° to 84° The table can be tilted from a flat position to an angle of up to 84 degrees, allowing for a range of therapeutic positions.
                                      • Foot Rest Adjustable Angle: 12° to -10° (relative to horizontal direction) The angle of the footrest can be adjusted from 12 degrees upward to 10 degrees downward, providing flexibility for different exercises and patient needs.
                                      • Height Adjustable: 525 mm to 860 mm The height of the table is adjustable, ranging from 525 mm to 860 mm. This feature allows for easy accessibility and accommodates patients of varying heights.
                                      • Function: Electrically powered with height adjustment and tilting functions The table is equipped with an electric motor that enables smooth and quiet height adjustment and tilting, providing ease of use for therapists and comfort for patients.

                                      Installation Support

                                      • With the table already installed, therapists and healthcare professionals can immediately integrate it into their rehabilitation programs, saving time and effort.


                                      • Having a one-year warranty on the electric parts provides reassurance to users that the Morecare Hi-Low Electric Tilt Table is backed by quality assurance.

                                      COD Eligibility

                                      • Cash on delivery (COD) not being eligible for this product means that customers cannot pay for their purchase upon delivery of the product.

                                      Shipping, Return & Refund Policy

                                      • The estimated shipping duration is between 3 to 5 days from the date of order confirmation.
                                      • Return Policy: Unfortunately, we do not accept returns for the Four-Wheels Upright Training Walker due to hygiene and safety reasons. We advise reviewing all product details carefully before making a purchase to ensure it meets your requirements.
                                      • Refund Policy: Refunds are not available for this product once it has been purchased and delivered. All sales are final. If there are any issues with the product's quality or functionality, please contact our customer service team for assistance.

                                      How To Place Order

                                      • WhatsApp: You can contact our customer service team via WhatsApp at the provided number. Our representatives will guide you through the ordering process, provide assistance, and address any queries you may have. You can also inquire about product details and availability through WhatsApp.
                                      • Online: Visit our official website where you can browse the product catalogue and add the desired walker to your cart. Follow the steps outlined for online ordering, including providing shipping details and making payment. Our website is designed to offer a user-friendly shopping experience, allowing you to easily place your order from the comfort of your home.
                                      • Phone Call: Alternatively, you can place your order by calling our customer service hotline. Our representatives will assist you in placing the order, confirming product details, and arranging for payment. Feel free to call us if you prefer to speak directly with a representative or if you have any questions regarding the product.

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